For Your Trip


A great day in the mountains is all about being prepared and packing the right gear. Below is a list of the required gear to safely and efficiently enjoy a day of backcountry touring and powder skiing with Sun Valley Guides. You can also download our checklist here. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

*All Guides carry a Medical Kit, a Repair Kit, Rescue Equipment and Communication Device. 


Ski Equipment (if on skis)

  • Metal-edged Telemark or Alpine touring skis  (powder models preferred) 

  • Ski Boots (Alpine touring or Telemark with walk mode)

  • Adjustable ski poles 

  • Climbing skins (adjusted to length and full ski width)

  • Snowboard Equipment (if on a board):

  • Snowboard (split models)

  • Snowboard Boots compatible with bindings

  • Skins (if using split board)

  • Snowshoes (if not using a split board)

  • Adjustable ski poles (3 section poles preferred)

  • Avalanche Rescue Equipment:

  • Avalanche Transceiver 

  • Avalanche Shovel

  • Avalanche Probe


  • Long underwear tops and bottoms (a polypropylene/wool or similar blend recommended) 

  • Shell pants (Hard or Soft Shell) 

  • Long sleeved fleece/poly shirt.

  • Wool/fleece sweater or down vest.

  • Shell Jacket, wind and water resistant (Hard or Soft Shell), 

  • Down/Puffy parka for stops on the trail 

  • Ski hat 

  • Neck gaiter or facemask.

  • Sun visor or ball cap 

  • Light weight gloves

  • Warm Gloves or Mittens

  • Personal Items:

  • Sun Screen for lips/face/hands (Minimum SPF l5 – Zinc Oxide Formula Recommended)

  • Sunglasses

  • Ski goggles

  • One quart water bottle (filled)

  • Day Pack: big enough to hold extra clothes, avalanche shovel, probe, skins, water and snacks. (Ski models preferred)

  • Favorite high-energy snack food and lunch 


  • Map (guides will carry maps)

  • Wax (guides will carry wax)

  • Blister kit if you are prone to blisters (guides carry a medical kit)

  • Hand Warmers if you are prone to cold hands